DU LAC  



The collective Du Lac is made up of the artists Maria Clara Maia and José Vieira.
Cooperation born of a great complicity, with the common objective of creating pieces whose plastic character results from a relation between the historical and mythological universe, and the ancestral imagination of Man, with the modernity of Being.

Maria Clara Maia, born in 1977 in Coimbra, graduated in Painting from ARCA-ETAC in 2000. Her academic background includes knowledge of Music, Cinema, Russian, German (proficient) and French (proficient) languages. She is an illustrator, writer, screenwriter, translator and member of the board of the Videolab artistic association. In 2010/2011 she created the Miss Ladybird's school volunteer project in the Community of St. Francis of Assisi for young people from 10 to 14 years old with the aim of teaching general and artistic culture through the learning of the English language, a cultural project with variants that Extends through lectures in schools and libraries.

José Vieira was born in 1962, in Guarda. He is master in Aesthetic Communication (digital art strand). He is a commissioner of various international art projects and has been a member of several international video art festivals, including the Fonlad Festival. He held exhibitions and shows around the world, focusing centrally on curatorial, photography, installation, performance and video activities.