The lack of love is a feeling we have ever felt in our lives. Like love, lovelessness can arise when we least expect it. And the unexpected always brings unpredictable consequences, which we do not completely control.
When we are in a state of disaffection, in general we have two options: either we overcome and we move on, or we do not overcome and we live in the anguish of that feeling that can, in extreme cases, lead to suicide.
The idea of ​​death in the face of the impossibility of love is not old: we know several examples in which death results from an impossibility of love: Romeo and Werther are two cases of this, each in its own way.
In this work are presented 7 examples of male characters who suffered, in some way, from lack of love. They are separated by periods of 70 years, starting in Romeu and finishing in Mister Du.
Romeo (1597) committed suicide with a knife when thinking that his beloved Juliet was dead. Cyrano (1667) secretly loved his friend's suitor. Werther (1737) committed suicide in the face of the impossibility of consummating his love. Charles Fox (1808) secretly married a woman not approved by society. Count Vronsky (1877) urges his love to abandon the safety of the home to the detriment of the adventure of passion. Robert Schuman (1947) has a long legal struggle to be able to marry his love. And Mister Du (2017) whose love life did not eternalize.
Through the mentioned characters there is, in general terms, a single reason for the lack of love: the sentimental mismatch between two beings, which can be provoked by one's own aspirations or by others. In the lack of love, there is always a mismatch and a sense of loss.