The camera moves in a jungle of pubic hair like a harassed animal that escapes some danger. The sound of the video is obtained by the contact of the camera with said hairs giving this animalic air as it moves.
Establishing the limits / surroundings of image and sound, the video takes on a new look at the body, the skin and their hair. A look that approximates analytically the essence of the body and its skin and does it not through the common canons of beauty, but at the point where that same beauty is lost, haunting the abstract of the mystery.
At first we do not realize exactly what we are seeing, the image is dark and blurred and the sound refers us to a kind of animal. When the image clears we realize that we are in the middle of something, a kind of dense forest. We can only see exactly where the camera is at the end of the video when we perceive a piece of a body, a hip. This body is ambiguous, it could be both a female and a male body. But here gender does not matter. The erotic touch of the camera on the body does matter, as if the gaze caresses that part of one's body.