A Museum has as primordial function to congregate and to preserve the more significant works of art of one period and to promote its presentation, spreading, preservation and understanding.
In this direction is usual to find exhibitions with workmanships of the colection and to promote others to increase / complete this same colection.
The Virtual Museum of the Unknown Artist intends to have the same functions as any regular museum: one colection, one
educative center and temporary exhibitions. However there is some difference in relation to any another museum: its works are not signed, being, therefore, of unknown authorship.
There is an incongruency artisticly
suposed: the Museum promotes works of artists that they do not want to be known as trade marke;
these artists want to be known, remembered more for its works that for its name. As artists, need to show its work, in meanwhile, they consider the name or the authorship something secondary. The name, the Author, is something intrinsic to the work of art, we know

it's there, that somebody carried through it: when we buy a chair does not interest who made it - only if in it pleases or not (only speaking in the aesthetic dimention of the object).
This is the spirit that we would have to preside over in the appreciation of the works of art. It is
this spirit that supports the walls of this virtual museum, to not
present the name of the authors whose works exposed.
The colection of the Virtual Museum of the Unknown Artist is a body that will grow slowly,It is in permanent mutation, reformulating itself constantly. It will have four areas:
- Drawing, Painting and Computer Based graphics.
- Photography.
- Video.
- Net-Art.

In digital drawing, it will have specially works made by what it was consigned to call
of “curves of bezier” that had appeared during the 90's beside of “quarks”; one modulate form that it evolves until the infinite according to a spiral.

To the level of digital painting there are abstract images, that can be associated with other elements and images 3D; “final fantasy” type;
a kind of futuristic hiper-realism.
In the identified group as Computer Based Graphics they are grouped
some works of animation.
The digital photography is divided in two groups:
photograph for the photograph and made base phptpgraphic works .
The video not only includes clips of video-art but also yhe video-
Net art, works that have as base the potentialities of the net itself.







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