UATA - Unknown Artist Travel Agency Travel Trip Concerts Travel Trip to London

2008 - 2011

In 2008 José Vieira created the project Unknown Artist Travel Agency (UATA), a travel agency for promotion / dissemination of cultural trips undertaken by Unknown Artist,

Inserted in the project Unknown Artist, wich includes multifaceted series, as the Urban Series, the Travel Trip Maps and Unknown Travel Guide (the latter series are included in this last project having travel as topic), the Unknown Artist Travel Agency (UATA) will "guide" all the unknown travelers to visit festivals, biennales, museums and exhibitions of contemporary art, selected by the artist.
In this project the artist puts himself as agent / exchange / bridge between the art and the public "traveler" of the Internet, among its own art and the Internet public user. In doing so, through an artistic project - a simulation of a travel agency - the artist puts the art in to the service of the public. Gives you a useful (even if he not finalise the proposals it makes, or not organize the trips that promotes) disseminating various activities of national and international arts community. In addition to the construction of the site itself, the action focuses on electronic copy of pages of festivals, biennales, museums, etc., inserts them a fictitious price and the logo of the virtual agency, put these images in the website and in newsletters, that spread through the Internet, for all those strangers who, possibly, these images may be of interest, or not as art (the artist don't see them as art, but as an integral part of a process whose aim yes, is artistic).

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