The artistic flow is a circuit (a road) that connects two poles in the art world: the artist and his public.
There are basically two types of artistic circuits: the commercial and the noncommercial circuit. In the first case we have the circuit of galleries,the art auction circuit and the circuit of fairs. In the second case we have the circuit of festivals, biennials and museums and art centers. The first type of circuits attract a specialized type of public oriented to the market (gallerists and collectors), the second is aimed at a broader audience unskilled.

So there is a trade flow between galleries, auctions and art fairs; and a noncommercial flow between festivals and biennials and the alternative flow, played by the artists themselves in opposition / complement to the critics / commissioners / directors of museums, which translate a circuit unofficial but no less important.

The art circuit is undermined by the market, which transforms the art object in commercial value, denigrating / hiding its symbolic value.
The quotes are made by artists from the sales result in galleries / exhibitions and auctions and not the artistic value / symbolic of his work. The more the artist is quoted, the more expensive sell his work, more importantbecomes socially.
All this interferes with the rest, ie the commercial dominates the symbolic and eventually the noncommercial circuit itself goes after the comercial.

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