3 Oct. - 26 Dec. 09

"The cyberspace. A consensual hallucination, experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in all nations, by children who are being taught mathematical concepts. A graphic representation of data disregarding the banks of all the computers of the human system. An unthinkable complexity.
Lines of light not aligned in the space of mind, and nebulae constellations of data. As the city lights ...
William Gibson in Neuromancer (1984)

The dimension is cyberspace as a world inhabited by bodies consisting of intangible digital 'cells' with the matrix form of hypertext, can work with the body of a smart system that constantly readjust according to the information supplied to it. The liquidity associated with the solvency of the architectural presence materials of the building projects in these webs of platforms for digital networks that mimic the architecture of human neural networks through nodes and links, storing these nodules' digital cities', with the mapping linking the speed of light gigabytes of information. These 'fragments' may contain bytes in the form of cathedrals, cities never seen, records topographic surface of distant planets, revisitações of sacred spaces disappeared and visited by surfers planning journeys in the form of authentic ocean shipments of complexity ...
Hugo Ferrão Architecture in Cyberspace and the 'non places' inhabited by "men without qualities".

Byte scrapers.
Digital sky scrapers. Speaking about digital is talking about "digital space", systems and forms that build networks. Is internet and the whole of their networks a huge universe of constellations, with real worlds, continents, oceans, cities and sky scrapers? How do artists see these worlds? As a mere tangle of wires and cables that physically connect computers by land and air, or a series of highways where vehicles travel at the speed of light carrying packets of information? And what is in the centers of these roads? Stations, simple issue / receipt or many virtual cities inhabited by beings?
That is the challenge proposed by UAVM Museum: to represent the hidden world of the Internet in a network that extends endlessly around the world at a speed unstoppable.

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