Curators: Aria Spinelli, Jason Waite. Partnership: Celeste Network.

17 Sept. - 31 Dec. 2011

"At a moment of ever expanding means of visibility and information surges, the discourse around censorship as a form of limitation or redaction is in need of reexamination. While this traditional notion of censorship as negation aiming to influence public opinion is still pursed by various governments, enterprise, media and cultural institutions, increasingly concentrations of power have focused on augmenting and amplifying the accumulation of information and taking a proactive approach to 'message management'.

Artists: Claudio Allia (IT), Amit Berlowitz (USA), Andras Calamandrei (Switzerland), André Feliciano (Brazil), Asli Cavuaoalu (Turky), Aurora Meccanica (IT), Christian Varsi (IT), Chu Chunteng (Taywan), Daniel Abad (SP), Elena Monti (IT), Ernesto Magro (IT), Giuseppe Mendolia Calella (IT), Julia Winter (Russia), Levente Sulvok (Hungary), minimum (IT), Petra Valdimarsdûttir (Iceland)., Silvia Reitzema (UK), Simona Barbagallo (IT), Stefano Butturini (IT)