Photography Show Room

April 26 - July 31, 2014

The UAVM and FONLAD FESTIVAL present in its 5th collaboration an exhibition of six photographies and three digital paintings specially selected from the 10th edition of Fonlad Festival.

Manipulation, repetition, deformation, the digital dream surround us from the inside.
These 9 images present us the dream of a better world, an idyllic world were man and nature could live in harmony, with art as mediator, as a reflection of their own dreams.
Digital is in between worlds. Lives between the reality and the dreams of man, the aspirations, the possibilities to build a better world, different from reality.
Digital dreams are the possibilities of contemporary world.
Artists: Adrian Lis (Rom), Andrea Leoni (It), Ariana Boaventura (Br), Diogo Soares (Pt), Gilles Vallée (Cnd), Güvenç Uguz (Trk), Khalil Charif (Br), Sabriye ÇELIIK (Trk), Stefania Santarcangelo (It)
Curator: José Vieira