Juan Pablo Medina (MX) is always in the persuit of new methods in order to read the human being and his phenomena. He approaches to the limits of the technically possible and develope projects from a surreal sight which comes from he's own intuition.
Questioning diverse types of relationships between men and his sorroundings, he use philosophy as a generator for ideas. He explore these ideas from various perspectives and in relation with the public and private space.
He has being moved by a reason: Understand the human nature, from a conceptual vision and in relation with its objects. He purpose approachings to this nature through photography.

OBJECTO LAMBDA by Juan Pblo Medina
Nov. 7 to Dec. 31 2015

Lambda is the symbol length of an electromagnetic wave. The wavelength (λ) represents the actual distance traveled by a wave in space and time. Invisible to the eyes of all, the information passed before word of mouth, is now handled through millions of antennas: the "objecto λ (lambda)."
These objects, like many others, evolve such that human actions are stealing. The body has now become obsolete. Λ object represents an approach to the human-object relationship. Discusses the link: Man-antenna and proposes as our communication will be abstracted as technology evolves, provoking blindness.
Through various perspectives, open and intimate; λ object shows a blind humanity and vectorized in the evolution of information.



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