Who is the Unknown Artist?

During centuries the works of art had survived without the tyranny of the name of the author. At the medieval time the goal was the construction of great cathedrals, where arquitects, sculptors and painters worked in set to build the project. The work was more important than the authors.
The Renaissance came and change this: the illuminated artist, distinct from the common mortal (as God), aspire to immortality…
And art was never more the same. Therefore, from this moment, the name's author would come to the front of the workmanship.
In our days we look to art and we do not see it trouly. We need the name of the author to glorify hes work.
A workmanship whose author is known is more easily to recognize, then another one that we never hear about.




The Unknown Artist refuses the laureat of fame, the judgment of critics and the shame of rejection by exhibition juraters, the mainstream of galleries and exhibition centers, mined by the system from the inside.
The Unknown Artist is a rebel, does not obey to standards, fashions or chains, displays when it wants and whathever he wants.
The Unknown Artist watch in each corner, underneath of each rock, enter the branches of any tree or shrub… The Unknown Artist are you … I am… We are all…
(José Vieira)






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