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White Land, 2005-861
2 x (50x140) cm, técnica mista s/ tela, 18 vazos c/ plantas naturais
Exposta em "Rota das Artes", Casa da Cultura de Coimbra, 28 Jan. a 10 Fev. 2005
Colecção Particular

The white land. The place where all color is born. Like a white canvas. And these colors and shapes grow in the form of varied plants in a vegetable garden bathed in the eyes of the painting. Two screens lurk.The pumpkin. The spike. Also they are white. The brushes of the mint, like seeds guarding the birth of forms, the tools of the artist / painter who traverse the canvas with deep tears and in them the look, like a seed, builds the painting, an idea that gradually develops and goes Taking shape between lines and colors.

The vegetable garden is for the mint, as an exhibition of pictures is for the artist. For some a mere gain bread, for others the very life that is entwined in the arms of a new born son.

(Cit. in Sonho de uma Obra, livro VII, pág.11, Junho de 2015)

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